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Alex of "Adored by Alex" Shares Her Custom MAP Necklace

Alex writes her blog "Adored by Alex" in Houston, TX. From lifestyle to personal style, Alex loves to empower women by sharing her thoughts. Recently she shared the significance of her custom Maps by A.JAFFE necklace.

"My favorite part of the Bride’s Guide Babbleboxx, is an extremely special necklace by A.JAFFE. A sterling silver heart-shaped necklace featuring the exact, mapped location in Austin where Rick proposed (read our engagement story) including a diamond on the exact spot he got down on one knee. On the opposite side, engraved is our initials, date and location of the proposal for an extremely special keepsake. There is no doubt that this custom jewelry piece will become an heirloom piece of jewelry that I’ll one day pass down to my child."

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