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Mommy Bloggers Map Their Moment

Searching for a Mother’s Day gift that’s not overdone, is super sentimental AND can stay within the same price range as a nice flower arrangement? Look no further!

The Maps by A.JAFFE collection lets you design a completely unique piece of jewelry that honors your most precious memories. Engrave a Map of any address in the world and let a diamond mark the exact location of a special event or memory you share with your Mom. It’s sure to show her how much you care, and how many memories you have because of her. So save the hundred bucks on the blooms and give her something that will last forever!

But don't just take our word for it! Here are some of our favorite mommy bloggers who can't get enough.



”This gift celebrates special locations that are near and dear to you. The A.JAFFE Custom Map Pendant allows you to choose any location in the world and mark the exact spot with a diamond. A custom message or second map can be engraved on the other side. I had our home address printed on the front and ‘our first home’ put on the back. This is a great gift idea for mom because the ideas and options are endless (including the shape and metal of the pendant itself!), and it is a very sentimental gift.” –Meg of Meg O. on the Go 



”This gift is my absolute favorite and one that I would recommend as a gift for any person who you want to feel special!  Personalized jewelry for mom is always a great idea and A.JAFFE creates custom map necklaces that includes a small diamond marking the exact location of a special memory.  The back of the pendant is also engraved with a message that can be personalized.  For me, my map is the beach of Cabo San Lucas where Adrian proposed to me almost six years ago.  A.JAFFE has custom mapping software so I was able to choose any location in the world and mark an exact spot with a diamond (even something like a spot on the beach for me!).  I’ve always remembered that day as a moment that changed everything, and I love that I can commemorate it with a custom necklace that I can wear close to my heart every day.  It only seemed appropriate that the engraving I chose to have written on the back was ‘Let the adventure begin’!”-Kileen of Cute and Little 



”If you could pick ANYWHERE in the world and wear that spot around your neck, where would you pick? This sterling silver map necklace from A.JAFFE shows the location that’s most special to you and marks it with a diamond. A great jewelry gift for mom! I picked where Patrick and I met, The University of Tennessee. You can engrave anything you want to on the back, so I chose lyrics from “Rocky Top” our unofficial school anthem.” -Alice of the Lone Star Looking Glass 


”Since both of my daughters were born at the same hospital, I chose the hospital’s address as the location and had the quote, ‘Your first breathe took ours away’ engraved on the back… This is a great gift idea for moms and significant others so file it away for special anniversaries, too.” -Shannon of Mom without Labels 



“I actually insta-storied this the other day because I just loved it so much. It’s a little map necklace (or pendant). I had it made with a map of the coordinates where Marcus and I got married and then our initials on the front. Their custom mapping software allows you to choose any location in the world and then it marks the exact spot on the necklace with a small little diamond — guys it’s seriously so CUTE and how perfect for a Mother’s Day present?! I love it because it’s so unique, but so special — it’s not your average piece of jewelry, ya know?” -Jess of Positively Oakes


“My husband and I got married at the Salt Lake City Temple so I chose to have that location mapped and engraved on my pendant. I will cherish it forever. A custom message or even a second map can be engraved on the reverse side. I chose to have I love you in Chinese (that language means a lot to us “Wo ai ni always” and our wedding anniversary engraved on the back” –Whitney of Beauty, Baby, and a Budget


“I fell in love with this line recently when I decided to try the line out for myself before I went to buy one for my mom. This is possibly the coolest necklace idea I have ever found... A.JAFFE will map on a pendant an exact location you send them with a little diamond. I decided to map the spot where we conceived our son in South Africa. I can't wait to do this for my mom now that I know how incredible this necklace turned out. The back of your necklace will be a special personalized message of your choice!” –Vanessa of Her Morning Coffee 


“This may be my favorite Mother’s Day jewelry gift. Thank you A.JAFFE for making me cry when I unboxed this necklace. Especially just a few weeks after my baby turned two. A special place in Austin where my sweet baby was born is now around my neck. 38th and Lamar with a little diamond on the exact spot is too pretty for words. (And his little name engraved on the back.) Love. Love. Love. A custom map for anyone marking the exact place of a special event? Yes, it’s perfect.” –Erin of Hi Lovely 



“I’m seriously obsessed with the A.JAFFE sterling silver custom map pendant!  This is a great personalized jewelry gift for any mom.  The best part about this pendant is that you can pick any location in the world that is special to you, and A.JAFFE will engrave that location with a custom map with a small diamond on that exact location.  There’s so many locations that I could have chosen for my pendant, like where I was born (Manila, Philippines), where I grew up (Pella, IA), where I met my husband (University of Northern Iowa), where my husband proposed (Niagara Falls), etc, but I picked my home.  As some of you know, we built our current house, and we’ve been in our house for over a year now.  We’re slowly making this house our home!  The walls aren’t looking so bare anymore!  We built our house knowing it is our forever home.  I tell people that my kids will grow up in this house, my kids will get married here, pretty much I envision lots and lots of memories in this house. On the other side of the pendant, you can put an engraved custom message or even a second map.  I put the words ‘home sweet home.’  There’s no place like home right?!” –Nina of Nina and Cecilia


”So I might have cried a little bit when I got this necklace. It just brought back memories. The Maps by A.JAFFE necklaces are customizeable to any map you want with a diamond right where you want them to put it. So I went with my hometown of Savannah, and put the diamond right where my childhood home was. Because I’m pretty much always homesick for there. And on the back I put a quote that I love and brings me comfort in the fact that I can’t live there right now – “The Journey Itself is Home.” Because it is. These necklaces make the perfect Mother’s Day gift. I love the idea of customizing it with a map and diamond for where your first baby was born, where you met your spouse, or just where your home and heart is.” –Claire of Casual Claire

" The wonderful jewelry team at A.JAFFEE created this sterling silver custom map necklace for me. All custom maps include a small diamond that mark the exact location of a special memory, and a custom message engraved on the reverse side. Mine is a map of Paradise Island where we were married in the Bahamas with a diamond to mark the beach by the Cloisters. It's engraved with our wedding date and a few sweet words from our vows." - Misty of Frosted Moms


The “it piece” right now is location-based jewelry.  Create a custom map necklace or pendant and chain in sterling silver, rose gold, gold, and you can even add a diamond accent on any spot in the map!

On the other side of the jewelry you can engrave anything you want, like a name, date, special word or favorite saying.

I chose a Sterling Silver Heart-Shaped necklace with a map of Los Angeles on the front, and my husband and kid’s names on the back.  It is incredibly well-made, and I have been getting nonstop compliments on it!" - Rachel of XO Rachel Pitzel

" This custom map necklace marks with a diamond the exact location of a very special memory, the place of Lila’s birth. On the back of the necklace I have her name engraved and one day when she is older I plan on passing it down to her. I have so many wonderful memories in this city and I love having this piece around my neck. All of A Jaffe’s sterling silver custom maps include a small diamond that mark the exact location of a special memory, and a custom message is also engraved on the reverse side. You can choose any location in the world, and mark an exact spot with a diamond. This is the perfect Mother’s Day jewelry gift because it is something personalized, unique, and unforgettable."- Celeste of Oh Hello Celeste