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Candace of "The Beauty Beau" On Her Custom MAP Necklace

Candace is a blogger in Louisianna and is in the midst of planning her wedding. She recieved a box full of wedding essentials from Babblebox and one of her pre-wedding treats is her Maps by A.JAFFE custom Map Necklace.

"Personalized items make me very happy, especially when they’re jewelry! My Maps by A.JAFFE necklace is such an amazing jewelry gift idea, as the custom maps (in which you can choose any location you want) include a small diamond that marks the location of a special memory, along with a message being engraved on the back. Mine is a map of the place my fiancé and I first met, back when we worked together at AT&T. Share your own personal story using #MapYourMoment. I will always hold this custom (piece of) jewelry near and dear to my heart…literally!"

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