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Famous Fictional Couples and the Engagement Ring They'd Boast

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We've all been entranced by great love stories that play out on the page and screen by famous fictional couples, but what about after they fall in love? Here are some A.JAFFE engagement rings we imagine Prince Charming would choose for his leading lady. 


Prince Charming scoured the kingdom for his true love, and he would no doubt search tirelessly for the perfect engagement ring to adorn the finger of his beloved. He’d want Cinderella's engagement ring to take her breath away, just as she’d taken his away with her classic elegance when she stepped into the grand ballroom. This exquisite Deco Tower Halo engagement ring from A.JAFFE's Art Deco collection resembles the circular face of the clock that struck twelve and reminds her of the magical night they both met. MES638

cinderella engagement ring

Wuthering Heights

We imagine Heathcliff would express his undying love for his dearest Catherine with an engagement ring as unique as their passionate and eternal relationship. The grand nature of the home where they first met, Wuthering Heights, is reflected in this finely-crafted, Diamond Studded Designer engagement ring from A.JAFFE. It has as many diamonds as Heathcliff has reasons for loving Catherine. Ornate and distinguished, this ring is both graceful and bold, just like the willful Catherine and fiery Heathcliff. MES653

wuthering heights engagement ring

Romeo & Juliet

The most classic love story of them all, Romeo’s choice of engagement ring would reflect his never-ending commitment to Juliet. This gorgeous, princess-cut diamond is surrounded by a sparkling diamond halo. The halo surrounding the center diamond on this A.JAFFE engagement ring represents the high walls Romeo climbed in search of his beloved so the two could profess their love for each other in that legendary balcony scene. MES167

romeo and juliet engagement ring

The Princess Bride

A love between a farm boy and a young woman is put to the test as they fight off pirates, an evil prince, and deadly magical potions. This adventure-loving duo appreciates simplicity, and Westley’s engagement ring for Buttercup would be as pure and timeless as their love. This A.JAFFE Art Designed Princess engagement ring has a luminescent diamond that is, of course, a princess cut. The diamond is cradled in glimmering rose-gold, which harkens back to the film’s final sunset under which the couple kisses before setting off on their life together. MES438

the princess bride engagement ring


With the backdrop of WWII, the time was dangerous and uncertain for war-torn lovers Rick and Ilsa, played by Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. This film featured a fictional couple who were epitome of class. A debonair gentleman like Rick would select a demure yet strong and beguiling ring for his special lady, like this A.JAFFE Quilted Cross Over Shank Round engagement ring. This ring has intertwined bands of diamonds that appear to weave around each other, fluctuating like the tumultuous times in which Rick and Ilsa found themselves. Despite this tangled web, Rick and Ilsa’s love is still powerful and undeniable, shining brightly like the round, center diamond. ME2036Q

casablanca engagement ring

When Harry Met Sally

Years of friendship and sharing slowly turned not love for this iconic, cinematic couple. Harry and Sally already knew the best and worst about each other before embarking on their romance. Harry’s engagement ring to Sally would be something simple, honest, and true. He’d choose this A.JAFFE Three Stone Quilted French Pavé engagement ring with three diamonds to represent their past friendship, present love, and future life together. ME1854Q

when harry met sally engagement ring

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