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Lexie of "J'adore Lexie Couture" Shares Her Custom MAP Necklace

Meet Lexie. Lexie writes a blog where she celebrates femenine fashion, lifestyle, and more. In a recent blog post she spoke about wedding essentials including her custom MAP Necklace from A.JAFFE.

"Maps by A.Jaffe is a completely custom & personalized necklace. They allow you to choose any location in the world and mark an exact spot with a diamond on your very own necklace.

Mine came in the shape of a heart and I chose the address where my husband and I first met because we had so many wonderful memories there. On the opposite side, I  had a special saying of ours engraved but you could also choose to have a second location customized on the bag as well.

All custom maps include a small diamond that marks the exact location of a special memory, and a custom message is also engraved on the reverse side. I think this is such a cute custom jewelry idea and I utterly adore it!"

To read Lexie's entire post, click here.