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Nesting Wedding Bands Loved by The Knot

"For a unique wedding band that elevates your engagement ring—but looks just as stylish worn alone (for those times when you have to remove your engagement ring)—turn your attention to nesting bands," says Maggie Seaver from every bride's go-to source, The Knot.

"These stackable beauties are meant to be layered in sync with your existing ring(s) and often add a little extra shape or sparkle for versatility. You can find nesting bands in all shapes, sizes and styles, making it easy to find one that matches the contours of your engagement ring."

A special thanks to The Knot for including A.JAFFE style MRS322 (above) as one of their 10 favorite nesting wedding bands! 

"You could also stick with a classic round wedding ring and add nesting bands to your ring collection every anniversary (you might want to take that up with your partner, though, *wink*). That way, if you feel the need for a pop of color or change of shape, or you’re moved by a current trend, you can shake things up without completely swapping out your original sparklers."

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