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Proposal Ideas and Inspiration

For over a century, A.JAFFE has helped loved ones find the perfect wedding rings; the rings that represent the love they have for one another. But our experience in matters of love extend beyond our beautifully crafted Engagement and Wedding rings. We’ve seen some fantastic proposals over the years, so if you’ve decided on whom, but need a little help with how, we’ve got some ideas sure to get your proposal wheels spinning.


From the traditional bended knee proposal, to the ever so popular Disney proposal, we’ve seen it all. In fact, hearing about the proposal is one of the best parts of our business. One of the most important parts of crafting the perfect engagement is knowing your partner will be happy with your approach. After all, a Disney proposal is going to fall flat with someone who’s not a fan of fairy tales, a more private person would likely prefer not to get a flash mob proposal, and so forth. The perfect proposal for you and your partner means you’ve put thought into it and made it your own. If you keep those two things in mind, we can offer some advice along the way to help make it extra special.


Choose a Theme

A good first step to the perfect proposal is to select the overarching theme for your framework. Do you want it to be public? Or maybe something more intimate? Perhaps including friends and family is important to you. This all depends on the preferences of you and your soon-to-be spouse.

A theme also means picking something to focus on: A few ideas are over a classic fancy dinner, while celebrating your partner’s birthday, or during a vacation. Consider special dates and places when choosing your theme, and once you’ve laid a foundation, it’s time to pick exactly where you’re going to pop the question.

The Location 

Picking a location is another big step in planning the perfect engagement. This can get tricky, because most couples have multiple places that mean something special to them. This is why we recommend picking a theme, because it can help narrow down the locations. If you’ve chosen an over dinner proposal, the restaurant of your first date is always popular. For movies and books, you could pick an important place in the story or get really creative and recreate a favorite scene. If you choose to do it on vacation, a place you can revisit is a great way to spark a look back on memories together, as well as celebrate this one.


In fact, one of our favorite proposal stories is about a vacation. A couple who loved history and travelling was on vacation in Peru. As they were climbing Machu Picchu the (now) husband stopped, got down on his knee, and proposed. She was incredibly shocked and happy. It’s definitely a story neither of them will forget.

We also want to mention that before you pop the question, be sure to check with the location or venue to see if they have any services or advice. For instance, Disney offers a variety of proposal services that will help make the moment especially wonderful. For an outdoor proposal park rangers can often guide you to places of particular beauty or privacy.


The Question 

Now, how to pop the question? This is often the advice people want, the area where people struggle most. However, the answer is easy: go with your heart. This is the honest truth. We can’t tell you what to say, we can’t tell you the right words to choose. All we can tell you is when she’s standing in front of you, you’ll know the perfect way to ask the love of your life to marry you.

However, there are different ways to ask: it can be fun to get creative, incorporating elements like signs or a popular one, pets.

Look back to your theme and use that to get further inspiration. And don’t put too much pressure on yourself, your fiancé(!) will likely be too dazed - plus distracted by their new beautiful engagement ring to notice if it doesn’t go exactly according to your plans.


Other Tips

There are definitely ways to really make the moment extra special:

1. If your friends and family are going to be there, don’t be afraid to include them in the proposal itself - one of the sweetest moments in the popular show The Big Bang Theory was a great example of this. But even if loved ones aren’t there, don’t be afraid to ask them for help - as long as they can keep a secret!

2. Don’t be shy about hiring some help. We especially recommend getting a professional photographer to capture the proposal on film. It’s something she’ll thank you for later, trust us! Plus the photos can make for great announcements.

3. Don’t count out additional help too, from Caterers to Gondoliers (for the Italy lovers). This moment will only happen once, so go all out to make it a moment you both will never forget.

4. Music. For most people, there are songs that strike a chord- The first dance, the song that was playing when you first locked eyes, et cetera. Whether it’s a live band or a recording, picking the right music to accompany the proposal will help make the moment last forever.

5. The last piece of advice we have to offer is practical: don’t wait all night to do it. If you’ve got a big event planned, get into it right away. Otherwise you’re going to be dwelling on it all night, stressing out yourself and your partner! Get to it so you can spend the rest of the night celebrating!


Of course, sometimes all the planning goes right out the window. Sometimes you just come across a moment you know is right. Don’t be afraid to seize the moment and make it last forever! All you need is the right ring to help immortalize the moment she says yes.


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