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The History of A.JAFFE

A.JAFFE first began as a single shop on New York City’s Maiden Lane in 1892. Abraham Jaffe, a determined New Yorker, was only 26-year-old, but he wanted to make his mark on the bridal jewelry industry and set his sights on doing just that. Selling his gorgeous creations to natives and travelers alike, A.JAFFE began to grow more and more popular for its dedication to excellence. Jaffe later moved his booming business to West 47th Street, an area that eventually became the epicenter of the international jewelry world.

A.JAFFE Building

What set Jaffe apart from his counterparts was his exceptional ability to create designs that were truly stunning works of art. He blended technical innovation with traditional, quality craftsmanship. A leader in his field, Jaffe had a clear influence on the evolution of the American engagement ring. He was the driving force behind some of the first luxury solitaire and multi-stone engagement rings sold in the United States. A.JAFFE has become synonymous with refined workmanship, elegance and sophistication that are seen to this very day in A.JAFFE jewelry.

His patented, signature shank creates the ultimate balanced ring that allows the diamond to remain centered at all times with its subtle squaring. All A.JAFFE rings are hypoallergenic, 100 percent nickel-free and enriched with 40 percent more palladium than the industry standard to create a ring with unmatched strength, durability, and luster. A.JAFFE’s constant quest for perfection and comfort is ongoing and can be witnessed in our newest collection of engagement rings.


Our new Quilted Collection is a further reflection of how A.JAFFE strives for perfection in every way. With a quilted pattern inside your ring’s band, the Quilted Collection ensures your ring always fits comfortably. It allows your finger to breathe, without trapping moisture and avoiding any irritation. The peaks and valleys created by the quilting also reduce spinning, to again ensure your diamond stays front and center.

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For over 120 years, A.JAFFE has been creating exquisite designs and living up to Abraham Jaffe’s standards. Our brand stands as a promise of your jewelry’s value now and for many years to come.