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The Quilted Feature

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Every woman has learned from experience not to wear heels when she can wear flats and not to buy clothes that may look good but definitely don’t feel good. When it comes to a piece of jewelry you’ll wear every day for the rest of your life, you should never have to choose between style and comfort, especially when A.JAFFE engagement rings offer both!

quilted ring


Introducing the A.JAFFE Quilted Collection.

The A.JAFFE Quilted feature is comprised of delicate engagement rings featuring a quilted pattern inside the ring ensuring a superior fit through temperature fluctuations, allowing the finger to breathe without trapping moisture, and avoiding any irritation. The individual peaks and valleys that comprise the quilted interior reduces spinning and twisting so the center diamond always sits up right and center.


Key Highlights:

Comfort: Allows your finger to breathe, expand and contract through temperature and elevation fluctuations.

Balance: Reduces spinning on the finger, keeping your diamond front and center.

Cleanliness: Allows for substances like water, soap & lotion to glide through without getting trapped under your finger.  

Beauty and luxury: Meticulously crafted quilted interior, exclusive to A.JAFFE.


The A.JAFFE Quilted feature provides luxurious comfort, durability and style through all stages of your life. View the full collection here.