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Why Choose A.JAFFE?

With designer engagement ring brands and jewelry stores abound, shopping for an engagement ring can be an intimidating process, but also an unforgettably wonderful experience. So how do you choose? A.JAFFE excels in our craft, and we’ve done so since 1892. Here, we’ll tell you a bit about what sets us apart. 

A.JAFFE rings were first hand crafted and designed from a small shop on Maiden Lane in New York City by the great Abraham Jaffe. Later, he was a pioneer in moving his business to West 47th Street, the area that eventually became an epicenter for the international diamond world, where we remain today. While our location has changed from our humble beginnings, our tradition of making exceptionally breathtaking jewelry has not. For 125 years, our rings have helped realize the dreams of untold couples.

In that time, we’ve created a process we like to call the A.JAFFE 10: Our Ten Quality Checkpoints in our manufacturing, ensuring exceptional craftsmanship. We spend 80 hours on each A.JAFFE engagement ring, and each of our master jewelers has a minimum of 10 years experience, recipients of knowledge passed down from generation to generation. We work hard to not only distinguish our rings and other jewelry (including our unique commemorative necklaces) but to distinguish our business itself. Our process results in superior rings, superior service, and lifelong satisfaction.

The exceptional skill of our jewelers is only part of the reason why A.JAFFE should be your first choice. Unlike many competitors, A.JAFFE offers complimentary customization. This means any A.JAFFE ring can be customized just the way you like it, without a fee. The only charge would be for additional metal or diamonds that may be used. - just find a retailer to get started.

A.JAFFE’s Unique Design Features

The A.JAFFE Signature Shank is slightly squared on the bottom, ensuring your center diamond always sits upright on your finger. The additional metal weight helps improve balance, preventing the ring twisting on the finger, and maximizing everyday comfort. This isn’t the only notable trait unique to A.JAFFE and our rings, though.


The A.JAFFE Quilted Feature on the interior of our rings helps the finger breathe. The grooves allow a bit of extra room for your finger to expand and retract in temperature and elevation changes or even with a little weight gain or loss. Plus, like our Signature Shank, the Quilted Feature is designed to prevent twisting and helps to prevent Wedding Ring Dermatitis and skin irritation (caused by trapped, soapy water. More about that here).


The A.JAFFE Difference Goes Deeper:

The materials we use are carefully selected to be hypo-allergenic; this means they’re 100% nickel free. Even still, A.JAFFE’s master jewelers go a step further, adding additional Palladium to our 18k Gold. Palladium, which is possibly a rarer metal than gold itself, is also hypoallergenic and helps to keep your ring bright white for a lifetime. Yes, other competitors use Palladium too, but our 18k Gold is alloyed with 40% more compared to other designers.

We also hand craft our prongs to safely and permanently ensconce diamond settings, slight enough so they don’t snag on fabric. Our burnishing process results in precious metals that are more condensed and feel heftier and each diamond ring goes through 6 separate polishing stages to create a ring that sparkles like the night sky. Our diamonds are selected by masters trained in the art, resulting in stones that are consistently breathtaking. Finally, every single A.JAFFE ring is backed with a lifetime warranty. We’re not asking you to take a risk on your happiness, we’re ensuring it.

Ethics: We strive to be as ethical as absolutely possible. To ensure that our diamonds are Conflict-Free, we only use stones from countries that are fully compliant with The Kimberly Process (and are certified). 

So why should you choose A.JAFFE over other designer brands? Because we have 125 years experience in perfecting wedding rings and making dreams come true. Our expertly designed rings stay perfectly balanced on the finger without causing allergic reactions. We use more Palladium than competitors, making them shine bright like the sun. We are ethically minded in choosing our diamonds (because we live in this world too) and we’re ethically minded in how we treat our customers (hence free customization and a lifetime warranty).


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