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Mapping Her Moment: Molly of A Piece of Toast


Full Name: Molly Bernadette

Blog: A Piece of Toast

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

Current Location: Houston, Texas

Tell us about your map. I chose the sterling silver heart-shaped pendant and zoomed in on an area of Kansas City that’s both recognizable (Ward Parkway and Stateline are both there!) and sentimental. I didn’t want to choose an exact address because both my parents have moved several times and my love of home has less to do with a house and more to do with the fact that my family is there along with my memories. 

Tell us about the message engraved on the reverse side of your Map Necklace. The back of the necklace says, “Home is where the heart is” – which is both cheesy and perfect and very much how I feel about home. I can’t really put into words how much I loved seeing the finish piece in person…wearing it makes me so happy and it’s such a visually beautiful design.

What does this Map signify? A lot of people assume that Sally and I are born and bred Texans - something I find quite complimentary considering our midwest[ern] accents - but we grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. I like to say that I'll never leave the Lone Star State ("Texas forever" - Tim Riggins), because I love it so much but the truth is, Kansas City will always be home. I don't know if this feeling is the same for others, but the older I get, the more sentimental and special home feels. The memories from childhood, visits for holidays, and familiarity despite newness and changes give me all kinds of warm, fuzzy feels and a sense of pride in the city that helped shape me.

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