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A Thank You Gift Your Bridesmaids Will Love

Any bride will tell you that her bridal party is a huge part of the success of her wedding day. Her closest friends and family are there to help her celebrate, plan, calm nerves, and take care of all the last minute details or mishaps. So if you’re in the middle of planning your big day, remember you’ll want to show your bridesmaids how thankful you are for their support by picking out personalized thank you gifts made just for them.

(Styles shown: MAPP013RG and MAPP006WG.)

Maps by A.JAFFE jewelry is the perfect way to customize bridal party gifts that your bridesmaids and maid-of-honor will enjoy long after the wedding day is over. Thanks to our patented engraving software, you can design a custom map on our jewelry, mark an exact location in the world with a diamond, and top it off with a personalized message on the reverse side.


Give Your Bridesmaids’ Gifts Some Thought 

The Maps by A.JAFFE collection offers a wide assortment of jewelry styles such as, pendants, bracelets, rings, charms, and even cufflinks for men. There are also different precious metals to choose from including sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Pick out a style and metal that suits each unique bridesmaid in your bridal party, rather than the same for all—that will show them that you really put thought into what each of them like.

(Style shown: MAPN003RG.)

Also, here’s something to keep in mind. A bridesmaid’s gift should not be about your wedding day; it should focus on your relationship with your BFFs. While your wedding location and wedding date are significant to you, it won’t have much meaning for your bridesmaids once the celebrations are over. And you want to make sure that your gift is special to her and that it conveys that you are grateful for her friendship.

So when you’re deciding on specific locations, maps, and messages to add to your Maps by A.JAFFE bridal party gift, make sure it speaks to your friendship and doesn’t center around just you and your big day. Maybe it could be the school where you first met and became fast friends, or your favorite spot for girl’s night, a special location you visited together while backpacking around Europe, or the apartment you shared when you were roommates. Think of these as next-level grown-up friendship bracelets!

Finish off your bridal party gifts with a personalized message on the reverse side of the map that’s meaningful for each bridesmaid or maid-of-honor. An inside joke, a touching quote about friendship, or even your names and the year you met are great ideas.

(Jennifer Lawrence [far right] and bridesmaids were each gifted a personalized map necklace before the nuptuals of her brother, Blaine Lawrence and now wife, Carson Massler. Carson chose to engrave the location she met each of her 'maids. Style shown: MAPN004YG.)

A Thoughtful Way to Say Thank You 

The ladies in your bridal party have been with you through thick and thin and now they’ll be there for one of the biggest and most joyful days of your life. Give them a gift that says thank you for everything they’ve done in the most meaningful way you can.

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