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Mapping Her Moment: Jessica of Bedknobs and Baubles

"I certainly have sentimental pieces in my jewelry collection, like opal earrings made from my grandmother's ring," says Jessica of Bedknobs and Baubles, "but few things feel as personal as this necklace from A.JAFFE."  

"I chose to have the neighborhood I gew up in engraved on my map necklace with the diamond marking my childhood home. On it, I can see the block my elementary school was on, the location of the neighborhood market where I worked for one week before getting a job at a jewelry store, and the spot of my grade school bestie's house." 

 "A few years ago, my parents built a new house and prepared to put the old Victorian house up for sale. To say I was devestated would be an understatment! I spent an hour, cocktail and camera in hand, walking through my childhood home, snapping photos of the rooms and details I took for granted all those years."

"My favorite detail was the walkway in front of the house where 1323 was pressed into the concrete. Having that same detail on the back of my necklace makes it that much more personal."

You can see Jessica's full blog post here