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The Best Classic Engagement Ring Winner of 2017 by A.JAFFE



Planning a wedding is a major undertaking. Thankfully, brides and grooms all over the country can turn to The Knot. From bridal trends to recommended vendors to organizational tools, the Knot is the leading source for anything wedding related.

But, before any wedding prep can begin, there’s the moment that kicks it all off—the proposal. And of course, no proposal is complete without a stunning engagement ring to commemorate the moment and the ensuing union. So, it is with immense honor that A.JAFFE accepts the award for The Knot’s Best Classic Engagement Ring Design of 2017! Let’s take a closer look at the award-winning A.JAFFE engagement ring.

A.JAFFE’s Award-Winning Statement Round Quilted Engagement Ring

The A.JAFFE ring deemed the best classic engagement ring design of 2017 by The Knot and voted on by independent retailers, is our Statement Round Ring (Style ME1865Q) from the Classics Collection. One glance at the precious ring and you’ll understand why the top authority on bridal matters bestowed the 2017 design award on this particular A.JAFFE engagement ring.


Characterized by its pavé diamonds along the shank, the Statement Round Quilted Engagement Ring is one of our most elegant and timeless designs to date. The sophisticated cathedral-style setting elevates the center stone high above the gem-set band to capture both the light and any admirer’s attention. It’s the ideal backdrop for the solitaire diamond to take center stage. The total carat weight of the diamonds on the shank of the Statement Round Quilted Engagement Ring is 0.44ctw.


A.JAFFE takes great pride in sourcing the finest diamonds for our bridal jewelry collection. First and foremost, we only use conflict-free diamonds mined in countries fully participating in the internationally accepted Kimberley Process Certification. In addition to exclusively using conflict-free diamonds, we subject each gemstone that comes through our doors to rigorous testing. Even the most petite diamonds undergo analysis via a synthetic-detection machine to guarantee that only natural diamonds are utilized in our jewelry creations.  


To complement the quality of the diamonds, A.JAFFE ensures the precious metals that we use are also held to the highest of standards. For instance, our jewelry boasts superior quality 18k gold with palladium quantities rarely used by other jewelers. This means that an A.JAFFE ring will never tarnish. It will remain as beautiful and radiant on your 50th wedding anniversary as the day it was made. And since our gold is 100% nickel-free, it’s also hypoallergenic.


Due to the intimate nature of an engagement ring, the comfort for the wearer is of highest priority. This is, after all, a piece of jewelry that is typically worn daily and often for a lifetime. To prevent the ring from turning and twisting when worn and to balance the center stone, our rings can be built using our patented A.JAFFE Signature Shank design, which is slightly squared on the bottom. Moreover, because no detail is too small to consider, on the inside of the winning Statement Round Quilted Engagement Ring is our patented quilted interior that offers optimal comfort. This clever design detail provides space for skin to breathe, accounts for a finger expanding due to temperature fluctuations, and keeps moisture at bay.


An A.JAFFE engagement ring will always be a joy to gaze at and to wear.   


A.JAFFE’s Customizable Engagement Ring Options

 Not only is our award-winning Statement Round Quilted Engagement Ring elegantly designed, it’s also customizable to suit a wide range of personal tastes. For instance, couples can select platinum, 18k or 14k gold. Furthermore, there are three shades of gold to choose from: yellow, white, and rose. Additionally, we understand that every couple is different, so this engagement ring—like most of our engagement rings—can house a variety of diamond shapes and sizes.


The best part of the A.JAFFE customization process? It’s complimentary! We want to make sure that nothing stands in the way of tailoring the perfect engagement ring symbolic of your upcoming nuptials. The only additional costs to modify would be if more metal and/or diamonds are requested.


Matching A.JAFFE Wedding Bands

Similar to the union between a bride and a groom, there’s the right wedding band to fit alongside the engagement ring. So, why not pair the award-winning Statement Round Quilted Engagement Ring with its matching Statement Quilted Wedding Band?


Just like the other half of the cherished wedding set, the Statement Quilted Wedding Band (Style MR1865Q) also features signature A.JAFFE details like conflict-free diamonds and the patented quilted interior. Plus, the full range of metal options—platinum, yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold—is also applicable to the wedding band to create a (jewelry) match made in heaven.


Stack this exquisite wedding band on top of the coordinating engagement ring and watch two halves become one whole.


Choosing a Classic Engagement Ring

Whether you opt for our winning Statement Round Quilted Engagement Ring or any other engagement ring from the A.JAFFE collection, it’s important to seek out a timeless design that will be as attractive in the decades to come as it is today.


But timeless does not mean restrictive or boring. On the contrary, A.JAFFE carries an outstanding and varied collection of classic engagement rings. From pavé to three stones to solitaire settings, we have it all. Also, we can accommodate any center stone cut including cushion-cut, emerald-cut, oval-cut, princess-cut, round-cut, and others. And don’t forget that we can also create a completely customized piece should you so desire.


While other pieces in your jewelry box can be trendy, we often find it’s best to stick with the classics when it comes to bridal jewelry. A design that can withstand the test of time will always be sartorially superior, now and forever.




As one of the last remaining 19th-century jewelers still operating in New York City, A.JAFFE has also withstood the test of time. Fueled by 125 years of experience crafting the finest diamond jewelry, an A.JAFFE engagement ring and wedding band is our oath to you. With these rings we pledge to only offer exceptional bridal jewelry worthy of the most important union of your life.


At the hands of our master jewelers, each of our engagement rings can take up to 80 hours to handcraft from conception to completion. From longer casting cycles to strict quality checks to six polishing stages to permit the finest brilliance, the quality of our craftsmanship is central to the A.JAFFE name. We are so confident in our workmanship that every A.JAFFE piece is backed by a Lifetime Warranty, which can be registered here.


So whether you are the one proposing, or the one being proposed to, go for only the best and mark the momentous occasion with an award-winning A.JAFFE engagement ring.