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Tips on Cleaning Your Engagement Ring

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Every woman knows that “Diamonds are forever,” so you'd hope the same sparkle and shine your engagement ring had on the day he proposed will last throughout all your married life. Alas, everyday wear will have an effect on your diamond's appeared brilliance. The good news is it can be revived, your bling just needs some regular cleaning and maintenence to sustain that luster. Today we're here to share some easy ways to do just that without spending a pretty penny.

At home maintenence: 

Create a solution with hot water and dishwashing soap and soak your ring for about 30 minutes. Then gently rub the stone (underneath too!) with a soft toothbrush or sponge, then rinse under running warm water.

Stay away from bleach, acetone and chlorine. These harsh chemicals can remove the base metals of your ring. You should also avoid baking soda, toothpaste, powdered cleaners, and other at home jewelry cleaners. Each of thse can have damaging effects on metals.


Take it to your jeweler:

If your rings really need a boost, cleaning services are always offered at your local jeweler for little or no cost. Their techniques can range from the use of an ultrasonic sound wave machine to a steamer, which will help blast away and remove hidden dirt and residue. And while your jeweler has your rings for cleaning, ask them to assess its condition, checking for weakened prongs or loose stones.


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When it comes to cleaning the most valuable jewelry you own, you can never be too careful. So avoid a disaster in the making and leave your jewelry cleaning with the pros, or stick to dish soap and a soft toothbrush for at home maintenence.