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Customized A.JAFFE Morse Code Ring

From a Happy A.JAFFE Bride to be:

כי אל-אשר תלכי אלך "Wherever you go, I will go" - One of my favorite quotes from the book of Ruth, 1:16. The meaning behind the scripture inspired me to customize my future husband’s A.JAFFE Morse Code wedding band by engraving the exact scripture in Hebrew. The love and loyalty expressed in this verse expresses the love and loyalty I have for my love.

Aside from that, the Morse Code Ring’s diamonds also have a message written in Morse code using round and baguette diamonds: .. .-.. --- ...- . -.-- --- ..- Meaning “I Love You.” 

I’m so happy with this ring and couldn’t thank the A.JAFFE team enough for making this happen, exactly how I envisioned it. - Happy Bride to be

Men's Style: BB0181