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BRIDES.com Story: Indie Jewelry Pieces Any Boho Bride Will Love

Thank you to BRIDES.com for featuring the custom map necklace this week in their story, "Indie Jewlery Pieces Every Boho Bride Will Love."  

Maps by A.Jaffe

This sweet, sentimental jewelry line allows you to choose any location in the world that holds special meaning to you. Some brides choose the venue where they got engaged or where they're getting married—even where they met or moved into a first apartment together. The spot is marked on a mini map with a diamond, and each necklace is customized, so the map can be set to fit a rectangular, heart shaped, or circular necklace however you'd like. You can even inscribe a message on the reverse side so you can mark the moment with a date or phrase that's meaningful. (Rose gold map necklace witha diamond border, $1295, A.Jaffe)

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