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Mapping Her Moment: Toshiko of It's Not Her, It's Me

Full Name: Toshiko Shek

Blog: It's Not Her, It's Me

Tell us about your map. "I chose a heart pendant with a map of UC Berkeley (the diamond marks the steps of VLSB where my fiance and I actually met."

Tell us about the date engraved on the back. "Of all the different anniversaries we celebrate, November 1st will always hold a special place in my heart."

Tell us the full story behind this Map necklace. "November is a very special month for me. Chris (my fiancé) and I met during freshman orientation at UC Berkeley on November 1st 12 years ago and we started dating the following Spring. People are always surprised when they find out how long we've known/dated each other. We spent most of our college days together but we were apart for two years when I moved to Hong Kong to be with my sick grandmother; but we've been together for a solid (continuous) 7 years since then, lived together for almost 6 years and engaged for almost 5 years. So yeah, alright, that's like 10+ years total which is basically forever.

This necklace has easily become my most sentimental piece of jewelry, aside from my engagement ring of course. Soon, a wedding ring will be added to the mix as we just started looking at wedding bands this past weekend!"