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Lifestyle Blogger @JessKeys on shopping for her A.JAFFE wedding band

Congratulations to Jess Keys, a lifestyle blogger from Chicago, and her husband, Neal on their recent marriage! We feel especially close to this gorgeous couple because they chose A.JAFFE wedding bands at our authorized retailer, C.D. Peacock! Aren’t they stunning?!  Read on below to learn more about their shopping experience and the rings they chose. 

When Jess chose her wedding band, she describes it by saying, "It was everything that I was hoping for–classic, vintage-inspired, and feminine. Most of all, it doesn’t take away from my engagement ring at all–it just adds to it! I also love that it’s beautiful all on its own, so when I’m traveling or don’t want to wear my engagement ring, it looks just as beautiful!"

When Neal chose his wedding band he said, "I hate to be so predictable, but the first time I put it on, I seriously knew it was the ring.  Jess will try to argue against this, but I have very ugly hands.  Four years of college football has left me with fat and or bent knuckles and skinny fingers-not exactly a good look.  For whatever reason, my ring makes my left hand look much better! It’s classy, but masculine.  Simple, yet still differentiated.   A classic that will stand the test of time – I hope I can be the same way!"

"When I look at my ring, I think of how much love went into this little wedding band. How many wishes it holds from each of our loved ones. How Neal and I have never worked as a stronger team to make that day come together against all odds."

Above, you'll see a close up of the wedding band with her stunning engagement ring. Although Jess chose to order hers in yellow gold (pictured above in white gold). Click here to learn more about Jess's wedding band style.

To read Jess's full blog post, and see the video of their shopping experience, click here