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Fashion Blogger @cestlestyle tells us the meaning behind her custom Map Pendant Necklace

Kyleigh McCollam of the fashion blog, C’est Le Style, tells us the meaning behind her custom A.JAFFE Rose Gold Round Map Pendant Necklace. Read on as she shares her story and dreams with us.


"Since I was a little girl, it was always my dream to move to New York and become a designer, hence the inscription on the back that says "Dreamer." It's still a passion and goal of mine that I still want to pursue, but in due time as I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and you're exactly where you're meant to be in this given moment."

"You could call me the sentimental type. Whether it be gifts or family belongings passed down from generation to generation, I'm all about things that have value. And no, I'm not talking about monetary value, but rather a unique story linked to it that makes it priceless."

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