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Map Your Moment

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map your moment

Honor the road taken with something precious and everlasting. Introducing personalized diamond jewelry from A.JAFFE celebrating love, memories and milestones. #Mapyourmoment onto a pendant, necklace or charm and let a diamond designate a specific place on the globe that's close to your heart.

Patented mapping technology gives users the ability to zoom in and out, engrave a unique and special location on the piece of jewelry, and pinpoint the exact placement of a single diamond to signify the place of importance. You can also engrave a message on the back! Here are some of our favorite moments to map:


1. Where you first met your significant other or had your first date.  

first date

2. Where you got engaged

getting engaged

3. Where you were married

getting married

4. Where you met each of your bridesmaids (take a cue from Jennifer Lawrence's sister in law!)

jennifer lawrene map necklace

5. Where you bought your first home.

bought house

6. Where you had a baby


7. Where you graduated


8. Where you purchased a business.

buying business

9. Where you grew up.


10. Where your long distance significant other or best friend lives.

long distance

Map your moment exclusively here. New styles coming soon!