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Mapping Her Moment: Maya of Charmingly Styled

Name: Maya McDonald

Blog: Charmingly Styled

"I’ve never been quiet about the fact that I love Chicago. I love that most people are friendly when you’re walking down the street, that despite the traffic at 5PM it’s not too hard to get places, and that there’s always something exciting happening if you look for it. You can spend the day exploring the Loop downtown or at the beach, all while eating your way through the city. And the fact that it’s now starting to actually feel like spring in the city is the perfect icing on the cake.

But it’s no secret that I love Madison too – and after growing up there for 20+ years, I still call the city my home whenever Uber drivers ask where I’m from {and for some reason, they always ask!}. I have some serious Sconnie pride, and one of the big reasons I love Chicago so much is that no matter what’s going on in my life, I can always go home. And when shit really hits the fan, as it sometimes does, I can always load up an overnight bag in my car and drive back to Madison to feel like I’m home again, which can be the best feeling when the going gets tough. 

"But sometimes going home isn’t actually that easy – especially when your parents have a busier social life than you these days {that’s right, I know you read this mom! Stop being so cool…}. And when I can’t make it home sometimes it’s nice to have a little memento to make home not seem quite so far away.  When I found this gorgeous A. Jaffe necklace a few weeks back, it seemed like the perfect way to feel closer to home on those days where I need a little extra encouragement.

I love that you can personalize your necklace to have any address in the world – whether it’s the house you grew up in, one of your favorite places to travel to or any other place that you love. Wherever your heart lives half the time {and for me that’s home!} they’ll add a diamond to mark your favorite spot on the map. I’ve been wearing mine on repeat these days, and it’s the perfect present for a friend who’s moving, or traveling, or celebrating a big moment on their life to remind them that they’re always closer to home than they might think. Sometimes even a little necklace can make you feel a little more connected to the people you love."