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Preventing Skin Irritation from Your Ring

At long last! Your fairy tale has come true. You’ve fallen in love with the person you know you’re destined to spend your life with, he proposes with a beautiful ring(!), and you begin planning your happily ever after.

But then an unexpected problem occurs, and that beautiful sparkler on your finger gets accompanied by a red, bumpy and itchy rash. Far too many women find themselves in this situation after getting engaged, and it almost always can be credited to a nickel allergy. Nickel allergies are one of the most common skin rashes reported to dermatologists, and before getting engaged, many women don’t even know they’re allergic, either because they don’t wear much jewelry in general, or they just haven’t worn a piece of jewelry as regularly as their engagement ring, and have avoided a rash due to minimal contact with the metal.

ring rash

The second leading cause of wedding ring rash is surface irritation from moisture, soap or bacteria being trapped under the ring. You may be able to spot the difference between these irritations because a rash caused from bacteria or moisture is more likely to appear over time and with wear, rather than right away.

Luckily, A.JAFFE engagement rings and wedding bands eliminate both these leading causes of ring irritation. All A.JAFFE rings are hypo- allergenic and nickel free, and the quilted interior available in our rings is designed to eliminate that dirt and grime and avoid irritation. So while the sparkle in A.JAFFE rings may startle your eye, they will never irritate your finger.

*Exclusions may apply in men's wedding bands.

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