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Mapping Her Moment: Roxy Te Owens of Society Social

Full Name: Roxy Te Owens

TItle: Founder/Designer

Company: Society Social

Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina

Current Location: New York, New York

Tell us about your Map. My Map Necklace is the address of my husband and my first apartment.  The other side of my Map Necklace is 73 Spring Street, our first showroom space in New York City.  

What do these Maps signify? The first Map is the first apartment we bought in our early twenties when we had just gotten married.  Although small and a fixer upper, our first apartment is a place that will always remind me of starting our lives together.  73 Spring represents my dream.  When I moved to New York to chase my dream, there was a little bodega aptly named the "Big Apple," where I found my very first Society Social magazine feature.  I couldn't believe that just a year before, I had been unemployed. It was at that moment I thought to myself, "This IS the Big Apple where Big Dreams really can come true."

For more on bar carts, colorful home furnishings, and decor, pop on over to Roxy's website, Society Social.