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Summer Wedding Trends and Themes

While fall, winter, and spring have always made inroads, summer is still prime time for wedding season. And while love never goes out of style, wedding trends are much more fickle. Of course, you don't have to slavishly follow the latest fashion (your wedding needs to feel like you above all else), but knowing some of the latest trends can sometimes help get the planning juices flowing. Whether you incorporate small parts of the latest wedding trends into your big day, or put them front and center, you can enhance your ceremony and give yourself and your guests, a day they will not soon forget.

Floral is In

As this year's summer wedding season gets underway, one thing is clear. Floral prints and pastel colors are making a moment, and it's no wonder. These are both garden-fresh choices and inherently romantic. It also gives new life to the traditional bridesmaid style and (bonus!) it's something your friends will wear again!

Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors

As tradition goes, you'll likely want to give your guests something to take home to remember your amazing day. Keep in mind that the world is much more eco-conscious in recent years, thus, more and more brides and grooms are eschewing a plastic kitsch in favor of gifts that aren't wasteful and won't harm the environment.

From tiny succulents in plant-able containers to jars of fresh herbs or fresh-cut flowers, these ecologically friendly wedding favors are making their presence known, and they can be an integral part of your post-ceremony celebration.

Natural Centerpieces

The trend toward ecological friendliness can also be seen in the choice of centerpieces, and this is likely to be done long past 2017. From centerpieces overflowing with local wildflowers to hollowed out watermelons filled with fresh fruit, these all-natural centerpieces are all the rage and appeal to an earthy vibe. 

Chances are your florist is already aware of this trend, so ask for ideas on how to incorporate natural elements into your centerpieces and bouquet. If your chosen florist is not aware of the trend, just pick up a bridal magazine and start swapping ecologically friendly ideas.

Unique Invitations

With millennial's mailboxes overflowing with save the dates, modern brides are looking for a way to make their wedding invitations stand out. There's a growing trend toward unique wedding invitations that incorporate beautiful calligraphy and postage stamps, so let your imagination be your guide. Nothing is off limits, from minimalist type suite to hand-dyed paper and calligraphy- if you can imagine it, you can make it part of your wedding celebration.

If nothing else, a stand out invitation will help your friends spot it among all the junk mail, and it will likely have a permanent spot on the refrigerator. 

Alternatives (or additions) to Cake 

If you are seeing a pattern in this list of modern wedding trends, it is the desire to make the wedding day unique. From the pastel colors of bridesmaids' dresses to the minimalistic style of wedding invitations to the all-natural centerpieces and wedding favors, the trend toward uniqueness is very clear.

Another way brides and grooms are fulfilling their desire to have a unique wedding is by straying away from the traditional wedding cake, and adopting the fun concept of dessert bars. While many couples are still choosing the simplicity of a wedding cake for the visual effects, the main star of the show is becoming dessert bars that contain treats such as a doughnut wall and make your own s'mores stations.

Having a dessert bar where you, as a couple, can customize the treats to fit your sweet tooth is something that will automatically make your wedding day different and fun. Imagine your guests being able to roast their own marshmallows or making their ice cream sandwiches with their favorite cookie flavor, now that's unique.

So if you have a favorite dessert that may not be the traditional wedding cake, don't be afraid to incorporate it into your special day.

Designer Wedding Bands

While there is nothing wrong with mass-produced wedding bands, the trend towards designer jewelry for the wedding day is an obvious one. Every bride wants to feel special on her big day, and every groom wants a ring he will be proud to wear for the rest of his life. 

Designing your own wedding band incorporates both, wanting to feel special and proud. Rings like A.JAFFE's have been gaining popularity this wedding season. Whether you are planning a summer wedding or waiting until the fall, having a ring customized for you, by you, is a must!

Wedding trends come and go, but quality never goes out of style. Summer is the perfect time for a wedding, and these trends can help make your special day not only memorable and fun, but unique to you.