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The Ultimate 5 Year Anniversary Gift

While getting married is certainly a momentous occasion, making a beautiful marriage work is another cause for celebration deserving of diamonds! To have your soul mate by your side, through the ups, the downs, and the daily grind is something to never take for granted. If you have a five-year wedding anniversary coming up, mark the milestone with an A.JAFFE Diamond Anniversary Band with rows of diamond symbolizing the precious years shared together.

The Ultimate 5 Year Anniversary Gift


1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Years of Mr. & Mrs.

Specifically crafted to commemorate five years of marriage, this diamond anniversary band is thoughtfully designed to express time spent together as one.

The precious metal band that wraps around the finger signifies the completion of the first year together, cementing the durable bond between two people. The anniversary ring is then dotted with diamond segments to signify each passing year after that. A pair of diamonds for the second wedding anniversary, a trio of diamonds for the third wedding anniversary, a quartet of diamonds for the fourth wedding anniversary, and finally, five brilliant diamonds sitting side by side to honor your fifth wedding anniversary.

As with any A.JAFFE jewelry style, this 5th anniversary diamond band is offered in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum so you can pick a metal that matches her engagement ring and wedding band. Alternatively, you can pick a metal that is the opposite of what her engagement ring and wedding bands are made of so she can switch between those and her new anniversary band whenever she wants to wear a different style.

As always, every diamond jewelry piece by A.JAFFE is exclusively made with the finest materials, including hypoallergenic precious metals that will never irritate her finger and top-grade diamonds that must pass our stringent standards. This A.JAFFE 5-year wedding anniversary band includes 14 VS diamonds with a total carat weight of 0.27ctw. However, you can always customize any A.JAFFE ring to create the perfect anniversary band for her.

Honor Your Love story

Celebrate this chapter of your love story by gifting her a beautiful and meaningful five-year anniversary gift. An A.JAFFE diamond anniversary ring will show her how special the first stage of your marriage has been and how you look forward to many, many more years together.
Diamonds will always draw a smile, and as they say, happy wife, happy life!