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The A.JAFFE Art Deco Collection®


For The Bride Who Wants Something Old With Something New On Her Wedding Day,
There’s the A.JAFFE Art Deco Collection.

The A.JAFFE Art Deco Collection


Choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring can be overwhelming. Not only are there countless engagement ring styles to choose from, but since this will be a piece of jewelry that you will likely wear every day, you’ll want to pick a design that you’ll love forever. That’s why at A.JAFFE, we offer different engagement ring collections, each with distinct features for brides of differing tastes.

If you are drawn to vintage-inspired designs and love jewelry that is both fun and stylish, then the A.JAFFE Art Deco Collection of diamond engagement rings will have just what you’re looking for. Characterized by geometric patterns, bold silhouettes, and personal expression, Art Deco design is as appealing today as it was when it made its debut about a century ago. From soaring sparkling settings and intricate milgrain detailing to clean lines and strong sculpted shapes, the diamond engagement rings in the A.JAFFE Art Deco Collection are modern interpretations of this beloved vintage style.

Like all of our engagement ring collections, our Art Deco ring settings are offered in a range of precious metals. Whether you prefer yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, or a two-tone style, you can easily switch out the metals on any Art Deco engagement ring to suit your taste. Also, the A.JAFFE Art Deco engagement rings can house a variety of different center diamond cuts such as round-cut, princess-cut, oval-cut, emerald-cut, pear-cut, and cushion-cut in all sorts of sizes. Meticulously crafted using only the finest materials, it can take up to 80 hours for just one A.JAFFE diamond engagement ring to come to life at the hands of our master jewelers.

However, if there’s a specific style from the Art Deco collection that you love but want to add your own unique details to it, A.JAFFE is proud to offer a complimentary customization program so you can create your own bespoke engagement ring.

After you’ve selected your Art Deco engagement ring, you can also browse the A.JAFFE Wedding Bands collection to find the must-have matching wedding ring. We even offer a robust assortment of men’s wedding bands too to complete the bride and groom wedding jewelry set.

If you’ve ever wished that you could have experienced the Roaring Twenties, then live out your Flapper Girl fantasy with a fun, stylish, and striking diamond engagement ring from the Art Deco collection.