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Stop Searching, This is the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift!

Stop Searching, This is the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift!

Personalized, customized, and precious—all things that make for the perfect gift on the day that celebrates love.

We all have locations that hold a special place in our hearts. Perhaps it’s the cozy neighborhood restaurant where you had your first date. Or maybe the grand hotel where you got married. What about the exotic destination where you spent your blissful honeymoon? Wherever it may be, memories of certain places can bring back a flood of joyful memories. So this Valentine’s Day, give the gift that celebrates a significant milestone in your shared history with jewelry from our Maps by A.JAFFE Collection.


What is the Maps by A.JAFFE Collection?


Maps by A.JAFFE is a collection of personalized jewelry where we engrave a custom map of any location in the world. With the jewelry style of your choice, you design the map using our patented software. In fact, you can choose exactly where to place the diamond on the map to mark where your memories live. You can even include a custom message or a second map on the reverse side of the jewelry.


To create that perfect Valentine’s Day gift, choose from a wide assortment of jewelry styles including necklaces, pendants, bracelets, charms, rings, and even cufflinks. Maps by A.JAFFE jewelry are offered in a range of precious metals including sterling silver, white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold. And of course, adding a diamond border is an option on most styles.


Maps by A.JAFFE is a memorable way to commemorate the #PlacesIRemember.


Customize Your Valentine’s Day Gift


The customization process is easy. After choosing a specific jewelry style and a specific metal, you’ll need to enter the address or landmark you want to celebrate to generate the map. You can then zoom in and out and move your map around until you get the exact map design you want. Mark the precise spot by moving around the diamond icon and you’ll see a final rendering of your creation. Finish off your customized Valentine’s Day gift with an optional engraved message or even a second map on the back.  

Once you check out, all you have to do is wait for your customized Maps by A.JAFFE jewelry to arrive and wait for the right moment to give what will surely be one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts you’ve ever planned!

Valentine’s Day Customization Ideas

If you’re not sure what map you’d like to include on your Valentine’s Day jewelry gift, here are some popular ideas to give you some inspiration:


Where you first met

Where you had your first date

Where the proposal took place

The location of your wedding

Your honeymoon destination

Your child’s birthplace

The address of your home


If you have the perfect location in mind, but need some inspiration for the personal note, consider these sweet messages:


Where our eyes first met

Where it all started

Where you said “yes!”

Where we said “I do”

Paris is always a good idea

Where our star was born

Home is where the heart is


Or, you can simply add the date of when your special moment took place.

You can even begin your own tradition by coupling our charm bracelet with customized Maps by A.JAFFE charms for each special moment you’ve shared together so far. And as you continue on your journey together, you can always add more charms as you create more milestones together. 

The possibilities are endless.

Some Happy Recipients of Maps by A.JAFFE Jewelry

If you’re on the fence about whether or not customized Maps by A.JAFFE jewelry is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some happy recipients have to say.

 “I'm the luckiest girl in the world! I'm crazy about this custom map necklace from @a.jaffe - My necklace is a map of my neighborhood with a diamond pinpointing my apartment & the engraving says 'our first home, 2017' to commemorate moving in together.” - @RachMartino, blogger, rachmartino.blogspot.com


“We customized this pretty pendant to have the exact location where Eric and I got engaged in Paris. It’s a really fun piece and also makes such a wonderful gift to celebrate a special place." - @Samanthametell, blogger, bonjourblue.

"I love this gorgeous rose gold necklace from the Maps by A.JAFFE collection! A year ago my husband and I got married at the very spot where the diamond on this necklace sits." - @DarahGabrielle, blogger, pacificavenueblog.com

Design yours here.