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Three Stone Engagement Rings by A. JAFFE

A diamond engagement ring style that celebrates yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Three Stone Ring: ME1871Q

In any love story, the wedding proposal is the start of a new and exciting chapter. And with every story, there’s a past, present, and future. So to honor that, A. JAFFE has created a collection of spectacular three stone engagement rings to symbolize your shared memories, the joy of now, and your dreams of what’s ahead.

Carefully crafted by our in-house master jewelers, the A. JAFFE three stone engagement ring settings are ready to house a trio of precious diamonds at its center. Whether you prefer round-cut diamonds, emerald-cut diamonds, or princess-cut diamonds, A. JAFFE has the perfect three stone engagement ring for you. What’s more, like all of our diamond engagement rings, you can select from an array of precious metals from three shades of gold to platinum. And if there’s something more you’d like to add to your A.JAFFE three stone diamond engagement ring, then take advantage of our complimentary customization process.

Celebrate the beginning of a new journey with a three stone diamond engagement ring by A. JAFFE that tells the tale of where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going.

Styles Above:
First Image: ME1871Q & MR1871Q
Middle Image: ME1871Q
Bottom Rings: ME1871Q, MES242 and ME2109Q