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Mapping Her Moment: Tilden of To Be Bright


Full Name: Tilden Brighton

Blog: To Be Bright

Why did you write a blog post about custom Jewelry? "Custom jewelry is hands down my favorite accessory due to the personalization each piece means to me. It’s incredible to think not one other piece exists exactly the same as mine in the world. But what I think sells me on the idea of customization is having a memory close to you at all times – whether it be a location or a simple initial engraving, the fact it belongs to you and you alone is what makes it special in my opinion."

What do you find special about Maps by A.JAFFE? "This particular piece maps a special location in your heart – whether it be where you went to school, where something magical happened to you, or a place you never want to forget. I love how your past can be remembered as a location with a special localized diamond in the exact spot you choose."