Our Ten Quality Checkpoints

  • Wave this beauty around. Our signature shank with the subtle, square shape promises no twisting or turning on your finger.
  • Our gold is 100% nickel free. We alloy our 18 karat gold with 40% more palladium than other jewelers, ensuring your bright white setting will remain that way for years to come.
  • We take the extra care to burnish our settings. The result is a precious metal that is more condensed, not porous, with a more substantial feel.
  • Our prongs are all handmade, therefore our diamonds are more secure.
  • Even the oh-so-petite prongs in our pave settings are created individually so your setting is smooth and will not catch on any sweaters.
  • The knowledge and skill of an A.JAFFE master jeweler are passed on from generation to generation resulting in decades of learned expertise.
  • Trained eyes study and select every diamond to ensure a ring with consistent color and sparkle. This process is more art than science.
  • Six polishing stages mean maximum brilliance is brought out from every ring.
  • It takes 80 hours to plan, perfect and produce the intricate detailing of our rings.
  • The “A” in A.JAFFE stands for all of the above…the marriage of art, technology and excellence since 1892.