Our Story

A.JAFFE's legacy dates back to its founding in New York City in 1892. The brand's rich heritage spans across the Jazz Age and Art Deco period, through two world wars and into a new millennium. The historic American bridal brand is recognized for its iconic Signature Shank and Quilted Interior , design features that provide superior balance, a luxurious fit, and minimize twisting of the ring on the finger.

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Our Promise

Our heritage of more than 120 years stands as a promise of your jewelry's value now and for many years to come. The lifetime warranty that we include with every A.JAFFE ring is our way of saying that we put as much into creating your ring as you have put into making its selection.

Lifetime Warranty

A.JAFFE Customization

Make a small modification to one of our existing A.JAFFE engagement rings, or create a completely customized piece. A.JAFFE can make any vision a reality while maintaining the legacy of our superior craftsmanship.

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Our Process

An A.JAFFE ring is greater than the sum of its parts, but its parts are beyond exceptional. Only a small percentage of diamonds possess the level of quality required to be used in one of our creations. It takes an experienced jeweler to recognize an eligible contender. Our gold is 100% nickel free and our 18 karat gold is alloyed with 40% more palladium than that of other jewelers, ensuring that our rings stay bright white for years to come. And because our rings are hypo-allergenic, their fire might startle your eye but they will never irritate your finger.

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News & Press

A.JAFFE Is appreciated and recognized by celebrities and Influencers from the likes of Bella Hadid to Jennifer Lawrence. The brand is one of the only 19th century jewelers still active in New York City, committed to upholding old world standards and the tradition of craftsmanship. It remains today, an exclusive bridal brand distributed only by American's finest jewelry retailers.

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Timeless Beauty and Unparalleled Craftmanship.
Customize Your Dream Ring.

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