Our Heritage

In 1892 Abraham Jaffe set up shop on Maiden Lane in downtown New York City and created a brand we have come to admire as A.JAFFE. He later was a pioneer in moving his business to West 47th Street, the area that eventually became the epicenter for the international jewelry world. A.JAFFE continues to stand for the same superiour standards of quality and innovation that have gone into each of our bridal rings for over 125 years.

Quilted Collection

Emblematic of 19th-century American craft and art, Quilts® are an icon of luxury and ensure that your diamond is always centered and in place.

Signature Shank

The A.JAFFE Signature Shank is more durable and more comfortable than a traditional round shank. The extra weight from the metal helps balance your center stone, preventing the ring from turning on the finger, so your customer's diamond is always upright and centered. Every A.JAFFE Signature Shank is engraved on each side with a trademark "a" and a small adjacent diamond. Most styles can be modified from a Signature Shank to classic (round), with or without quilts if preferred.

Modern Innovation

Modern Innovation The marriage of art, technology and excellence is our way of blending traditional workmanship with modern innovation. We have revolutionized our rings by designing the patented Signature shank and Quilted Interior features that perfectly balance the center diamond on your finger.


It takes over 80 hours to handcraft, hand set and hand polish each A.JAFFE ring. Additional processes such as an extended casting cycle, burnishing, hand cut pavé and nine quality checkpoints make A.JAFFE rings more dense and durable, our settings more secure and our finishing unmatched. We use the best raw materials, from calibrated diamonds that sparkle like no other, to hypoallergenic metals. That is why we don't believe in limited warranties, we vow a warranty for life.


Timeless Beauty and Unparalleled Craftmanship.
Customize Your Dream Ring.

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