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Our designers use your idea, drawings, and images to sketch your exclusive concept. We create a wax model or computerized rendering of your design and make any final adjustments (Complimentary). Crafted by the world's best artisans, with over 80 hours and 9 quality check points.

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It can take up to 80 hours to create one A.JAFFE engagement ring and each creation must pass our 10 quality checkpoints.

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An A.JAFFE ring is built with exceptional beauty and comfort in mind. It all begins with our master jewelers

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Create a One-of-a-Kind Customized Diamond Ring with A.JAFFE

While there is no dearth of options when it comes to choosing a ready-to-wear diamond engagement ring or wedding band in both the physical as well as the online marketplace, there is something unique about customizing your own ring. Oftentimes, finding the ring of your dreams can be challenging. This is where customization plays a massive role in the jewelry buying process.

Whether it is a tiny but critical modification to an existing design or completely tailor-making a ring from scratch, A.JAFFE believes in extending exceptional customization services to customers who like to think creatively, to create something that is unique to them.

With our custom ring-making services, you can create precisely what you want – whether it is a simple concept or a complex and intricate design. A.JAFFE is a veteran in crafting highly customized diamond rings, stackable diamond bands, and more – for both men and women. Having been in this industry for over 120 years, our team knows exactly how to translate your idea into a marvelous ring.

Our long casting, burnishing, and six polishing processes ensure that each ring our master craftsmen make exudes brilliance. With 10 stringent quality checkpoints throughout the ring-making process, we ensure that your specially curated and customized diamond ring is astoundingly gorgeous and durable.

It takes us about 80 hours on average to make one diamond ring – that is how much time and effort our team puts into every ring we craft. With a mix of hypoallergenic base metals, carefully sourced diamonds, precious gemstones, cutting-edge technology, and attention to detail, we pride ourselves in offering customized diamond rings, stackable diamond bands, and more.